Posted by: billpurdue | January 11, 2015

Well done, Derbyshire!

I have been very remiss recently in not making any posts. I have had a number of personal commitments which have prevented me from writing about what I read, but I am hopeful that, with the start of 2015, I can get back on track.

I’ll start with some news about Derbyshire Libraries, which I think other library authorities should take note of .

Derbyshire County Council has announced that it is challenging adults in the county to do more reading. Many public libraries regularly run a reading challenge for children during the long summer school holidays, when children receive certificates or prizes for reading a certain number of books. Derbyshire is the only county library I know of that is challenging adults to read. The last challenge for adults in Derbyshire was in 2013, when more than 1000 people took part.

Between January and March this year, anyone over 16 can enter the challenge. They need to read one book from each of these categories:

  • Discover a New Skill – begin a new hobby or learn a new skill
  • Discover New Knowledge – read any type of book based on a true event
  • Discover a New Category of Book – try a different type of book
  • Discover a New Author – read a book by an author you haven’t read before.

The challenge encourages readers to jot down their thoughts about them in an Adult Reading Challenge (ARC) diary. They can also chat with other participants about their chosen books on Twitter. ARC diaries can be entered into a free prize draw. So that’s one up for Derbyshire

I have never read any myself, but Lee Child’s “Jack Reacher” mysteries are massively popular in the USA and over here. In the ‘i’ paper for 6th January there was a feature about the way that Child writes his books. Every 1st September he sits down at his computer to begin a new novel. The article is by Andy Martin who asked if he could come and look over his shoulder. The article reveals a bit about Child’s attitude to his writing and the opinion of other writers on his phenomenal success.

Now, back briefly to what I have been reading…

21 D NobbsBuchan Gap

 I have now finished “The Second life of Sally Mottram” by David Nobbs and I will write about that next time. I am also reading “The Gap in the Curtain” by John Buchan, a book which belonged to a distant relation of mine, who was a keen fan of this author. The only other book by Buchan which I have read is “Greenmantle”, a very different sort of book. I’ll write about “The Gap…” soon.


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