Posted by: billpurdue | April 18, 2013

Remembering Maggie

ImageIt’s not surprising that the death of Lady Thatcher has sparked a bonanza in sales of books about the ‘Iron Lady’. It’s been reported that sales of biographies of Mrs Thatcher have soared and there’s one book, Margaret Thatcher: The Authorized Biography: Vol 1. Not For Turning, by former Telegraph editor Charles Moore, which is due out this week, but , according to Amazon, it’s due on 23rd April. Not to be outdone, Bibiliophile, (“Britain’s Best Postal Book Bargains”) has two titles at bargain prices: Margaret Thatcher: A Tribute in Words and Pictures for £4.50 (original price £20) and The Iron Lady by John Campbell for only £4 (originally £10). Meanwhile Postscript , a very similar outfit to Bibliophile, has Thatcher’s Britain for £7.99 (originally £20).

Specialist subjects

Elsewhere in the latest Bibliophile catalogue, you might like to know that Bibliophile has a lot of “Shire Publications” titles on offer at the moment. The subjects covered are very varied – from ‘Spoons 1650 – 2000’ to ‘Discovering Dowsing and Divining’. The original prices are from £5.99 to around £9.99, whist the Bibliophile price is from about £2.50 to £3.50. Their monthly printed catalogue is available online in pdf format. Just go to .

For Shire Publications go to

Top seller


ImageWhen I was working in public libraries, one of the authors that generated a good number of book issues (though not as popular by a long way as Cookson or Cox) was Jackie Collins. So it’s good to see that Ms Collins is still up to form although I have to say that her books are not to my taste. Amongst the top ten bestselling paperbacks at the moment is the latest paperback from Jackie Collins: The Power Trip in which a Russian oligarch, his girlfriend and some rich chums embark on  a maiden voyage of his new ship. The luxury cruise begins to turn sour when, (according to the book blurb on Jackie Collins’ website) they discover that they don’t control as much of the world as they thought. The Power Trip was number 3 in the top ten paperbacks as of 13th April. From all reports it appears that Ms Collins, at 75, hasn’t lost her touch.

..and another one

ImageTop of the paperback fiction list is Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, a thriller. On their fifth wedding anniversary, Amy, wife of Nick, suddenly disappears. The police suspect Nick – there are mysterious searches on his computer and persistent  calls on his mobile phone, but what really happened? The Telegraph reviewer said that she read it in one sitting and it’s not a short book – 432 pages. It’s so popular that this female noir novel is reckoned to eclipse the sales of the ‘Fifty Shades’ books. Needless to say, the film rights have been sold. It’s Gillian Flynn’s third novel – sounds like a good one.

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