Posted by: billpurdue | April 25, 2012

Action packed stuff

Every so often a book comes along that is an absolute page-turner from start to finish. One such book is Clive Maddison‘s latest novel Pursuit [Vanguard Press £9.99 9781843868729]. This book hits the ground running – in fact ‘running’ is the first word of the narrative. Tia Sharmez has just escaped from her captors, after being snatched from the street a short while before. She has no idea why she was targeted and in fact we don’t learn the reason until well into the book.

Barefoot and her clothing torn, she manages to ride a short distance hidden in the back of a truck and then takes refuge in a dilapidated motor vehicle garage. Here she has the good fortune to meet Will Harris, owner of the workshop, who tries to help her, but soon finds himself drawn into the affair. Having taken her in to his house, her captors are in hot pursuit and soon find out where she is hiding. Will manages to overcome the two men and tie them to chairs whilst he drives Tia (along with his dog) to see Beth, an old friend of his, to enlist her help. It seems that all those who try to help her find themselves drawn into the affair as they desperately try to keep one step ahead of the pursuers. The real reasons why Tia is a very desirable commodity are only revealed in a piecemeal fashion , thus keeping the reader on the edge of the seat.

I can’t reveal any more of the plot without spoiling the experience for new readers, but all I can say is that it’s a must for all lovers of action and adventure fiction. I’m not a particular fan of that genre, but I still really enjoyed this book. Definitely a recommended read.

Clive Maddison’s first book Caught [Vanguard £9.99 9781843866367] was also well worth reading, though I would say the latest is even better (and so is the cover) – I reviewed that title in a previous posting.

I popped in to Sutton in Ashfield Library last Saturday to buy a copy of the new book by Stephen Thirkill. Stephen was promoting his book Tourist Trails in and Around Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire [Chad £9.99 9781905278503] which is now available. Stephen is doing signing sessions at a number of local libraries and will be speaking at the Lowdham Book Festival in June. Also he told me that his next book will be about football and that is expected out in July.

By the way, for those who don’t live in the Chad circulation area (central and west Nottinghamshire and beyond), but would like to know what tourist attractions there are around here, Tourist Trails is the ideal introduction. It’s well illustrated in colour, has all the essential details about each venue and is available from Amazon or Waterstone’s or by calling Stephen on 01623 450292.

Next time – who was S P B Mais ?


  1. Hi Bill,

    I can’t thank you enough for the review you have done of my book, Pursuit. I am getting the same feedback as you have expressed so well from people I know who have read it. As always the difficulty is getting public exposure so that readers are aware in a market flooded with books.

    Thank you and best regards


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