Posted by: billpurdue | January 27, 2012

Local Libraries have something to shout about

A few words about two local libraries to begin with: in this week’s Chad you will find an article about the refurbishment of Mansfield Library. A lot of money has been spent on it and it was closed for what seemed an inordinate amount of time, but the result is very pleasing. I found the library to have a very pleasant atmosphere and the staff are really nice, which is always a good thing. Take a look at the article.

As mentioned at the end of the article, Sutton Library has reason to celebrate as their present building was 40 years old last December. To celebrate it has been decided to hold a week of special events during the local half term week in February (week beginning Monday 13th). On the Tuesday morning, I will be at the library from about 11 am on Tuesday 14th, along with local author Janet Roberts, to talk about blogging and some of the books I have written about over the years. (I’d better have a look back at some of the previous postings to refresh my memory!).

Also Janet will have copies of some of her publications to sell. Janet also writes a blog – in fact she has two, so she is probably more experienced than I am in that regard. So if you live in the Sutton area, do come along to the library on Valentine’s Day – we’ll both be pleased to see you and I’ll try to answer questions about blogging as best I can.

Back to Mansfield Library now and Sue Townsend will be there on March 6th to launch a reading group for the visually impaired. I hope to be there and record a brief interview with Ms Townsend. Sue Townsend is of course the creator of Adrian Mole and the very first in the Adrian Mole series was published 30 years ago. Penguin have brought out a 30th anniversary edition with a foreword by David Walliams. [£7.99 978-0141046426 ] I’m reading ‘Adrian Mole and the weapons of Mass Destruction [Penguin £7.99 978-0141015880] at the moment and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. More about that in a future posting.

Last time I was saying how much I had enjoyed reading the collection short stories by Stella Gibbons entitled Christmas at Cold Comfort Farm . At the time I hadn’t finished the book- there were still a handful of stories to go, one of which, the last but one story, simply called “Cake”, was especially good. Jenny and Rickey are having their last meeting before going their separate ways: they have just had an amicable divorce. She is a journalist working for a magazine and immediately after the meeting goes to interview a rather strange elderly lady, whose past life turns out to have one or two parallels with her own. The whole thing leads to a striking and satisfying conclusion. 

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