Posted by: billpurdue | November 4, 2011

Two of my favourite topics

If you are logging on to this blog for the first time expecting to find an article about getting your book published, then I’m afraid that was last week’s posting. But do not despair, as all you need to do is click on the link at the top of the page and you will be taken directly to it. The article in the Chad was to have been published, I was led to believe, in the edition for Oct 26th, but it was held over until this week (November 2nd). In any case, I hope that the hints and tips are useful for anyone thinking about writing or wanting to get something published.

For railway fans

Changing the subject entirely, I went to York one day last week, and where better to spend an hour or two (especially when it’s raining) than in the National Railway Museum. If you’ve been reading this blog for a long time, you will probably remember that I’m a railway fan. You can never have too many railway books!

 I have had a book of photographs selected from the NRM collections for several years now. It’s Railways in Focus [Atlantic 9780906899915] by Ed Bartholomew and Michael Blakemore. The book covers almost every aspect of running a railway that you can think of. Apart from a small section of colour photographs, the monochrome photos range from publicity shots of sunny beaches or picturesque “olde worlde” towns to glimpses inside locomotive workshops, stations and structures (not forgetting the late lamented Euston Arch) and “people of the move”. In fact there is quite a sizeable number of photos that have no trains or track in sight. Some of the earliest railway photos ever taken are included in the first section of the book including an albumen print showing the construction of Brunel’s Royal Albert Bridge linking Devon and Cornwall dated 1858. The book can be obtained second hand from  or you could try other second hand booksellers.

For dog fans

If I ever get round to having a dog (I’m still weighing up the pros and cons) then I would probably have a rescue dog. There are always lots of dogs out there waiting for a good home, but I don’t expect there are too many would-be dog owners who are looking for a retired greyhound. Greyhounds bred for racing are a very special sort of dog that might take a little longer than normal to get used to ordinary domestic life away from that hare that tears round the dog track. However this is just what Andrew Dilger and his girlfriend Sarah decided to do. Not only that, but shortly after acquiring Dash, as she was called ,Andrew proposed to his girlfriend.

The date of the wedding was set for just under a year after Dash arrived on the scene and the plan was for Dash to be the ring bearer at their wedding. Would Dash, a former racing champion (“Bitch of the Year”) be trained well enough in time for the wedding? In spite of many setbacks, including the time when Dash was running so fast that she hit a tree and injured herself, everything finally worked out, but it was touch and go. Read the whole story in Dash, Bitch of the Year [Summersdale £7.99 9781849531184] and you can read about what Dash has been getting up to since the wedding at



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