Posted by: billpurdue | August 19, 2011

Things to Come

Well, I’ve had my summer break, so it’s now back to the (almost ) weekly blogs from now on. If you’re still with me, then thanks for reading these ramblings in the field of books and related matters: I hope you are finding at least something of interest in each posting.

This short posting is just to tell you about a few of the things I’m planning to write about over the next few weeks.

I’ve recorded an interview with Mark Patterson, author of Roman Nottinghamshire [Five Leaves £11.99 978-1-907869-12-9]. As soon as this is edited, I’ll attach it to a future posting.

Roy Bainton’s latest book Good Time Charleys (subtitled “Tough tales from Rhythm and Blues”) [ £12.99 9781447737520] is an account of some of the “dirty” business in the record industry. Roy is clearly a rhythm and blues fan and this promises to be an entertaining read .

Frances Parkinson Keyes is the author of a book I’ve just read , which was surprisingly free of any suspense, excitement or even intrigue. I’ll have more on that in the next week or two.

I’m reading a crime novel by local author Maggie Wilson – Fallen Angel [HandE publishers £7.99] which I’ll give my verdict on in the coming weeks.

All that and something about a German chain of bookshops and my picks from the new titles.

In my next Chad column, due in mid September or thereabouts, I’ll be writing about what books people take on holiday to read. Later in the year I’ll tackle the subject of self publishing. If you have any hints, tips or comments on the business of getting your own book published, please post a comment.




  1. Hi Bill, I took the self publish route and have no regrets. Its a case of letting some folk read your work and banking on them being honest as to its reability and then putting your money up front and going for it. I have been told a thousand times of YO’D MEK A PARSON SWEAR!….’I could not put it down.’ Its still selling really well.

    I have personal experience of one author (Bernice Koslowski – THE BLOSSOMS OF BLOOMO’‘) going the package way and she has definitely been ripped off and how. But let her tell you.

    Would like to be able to contact you via email if that’s poss.

    Kindest regards

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