Posted by: billpurdue | July 22, 2011

Favourite author No 2

Last time I promised to write more about another of my favourite authors, Peter Tinniswood. He is the author of the series of books about The Brandons, which were turned into a successful BBC sitcom series in the late ‘70s/early ‘80s called “I didn’t know you Cared”. Amongst other people the series starred Liz Smith (one of my favourite actresses) as Mrs Brandon and Robin Bailey as Uncle Mort. Part of the reason why this series appealed to me was the fact that it was set in a northern city which was very much like Sheffield (where I went to Uni), with a touch of Manchester thrown in. His character descriptions, the way they interacted and the scene setting are just up my street.

This is certainly the way it comes over in the books which are ; A Touch Of Daniel, I Didn’t Know You Cared and Except You’re A Bird. There were also a few “spin-offs” such as Uncle Mort’s North Country, a series of short stories in which Carter Brandon takes a week off work and takes  his uncle on trips out, often to the seaside. This sometimes brings back memories for Uncle Mort about seaside holidays which were never better than when it rained all the time and the landlady of the B&B imposed strict rules on her boarders. There was also a fourth book called Call it a Canary which appeared after the TV series had ended. I think it’s safe to say that all these titles are out of print now, but there are second hand copies around.

Peter Tinniswood wrote for radio and TV (including The Frost Report) a lot of other humorous novels, but for me the Brandon novels were the best. Near to the end of his life Tinniswood wrote a fifth novel about the Brandons and the publication date was announced (if I remember correctly), but the title was withdrawn. They don’t write them like that any more.

New from Roy Bainton

Good Time Charleys is the latest title from local writer Roy Bainton. It traces the history of rhythm and blues music  and reveals some of the “dirty business” behind the scenes of the music  which became so popular around the world. Having worked in the music business, Roy is well placed to be able to write on this subject. When I’ve had a chance to read the book, I’ll include further comments on Roy’s latest offering.

The publishing details are : 9781447737520 £12.99, available from

I’m reading…

Larry Vincent by Frances Parkinson Keyes. I’m still searching for another “forgotten gem” as I call them, but I don’t think this is going to qualify, though it’s worth reading. More on this title in a few weeks’ time



  1. Thanks, I’ve been hunting for facts about this topic for ages and yours is the best I have located so far.

  2. I agree with your Favourite author No 2 Bill Purdue's Book Blog, excellent post.

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