Posted by: billpurdue | November 18, 2010

New book from former local resident

In my monthly column in this week’s Chad, the “Local Book of the Month” is ,for a change, fiction. Called Caught by Clive Maddison [Vanguard £9.99 978-1843866367] it is a sort of “prodigal son” story in which a young man from a privileged background abandons his family and sets out on his own, only to come a cropper and land up in prison. I should point out that Mr Maddison used to live in Ollerton , Notts, (hence the “local” book), but now lives in Devon.

Andy Numan is one of two sons of a successful businessman who wants both of them to join the family firm. After a row with his father, Andy leaves his job, cuts out all contact with his family and joins in with Jake, a former school friend from a rather dodgy background, and his mates, who are trying to form a rock band. The friends take advantage of Andy’s large bank account to buy a van to take them to gigs and to rent premises where they can practise undisturbed. Andy meets a beautiful girl at a party who invites him on a trip to Paris. On the final day of their stay she disappears leaving Andy to pay the hotel bill, having lost  a fortune on the gaming tables the previous evening. Meanwhile Andy’s father’s house is raided and ransacked: Andy’s car is seen at the house at the time of the crime, so he gets the blame for the raid and lands up in prison serving several years for his alleged crime.

What happens then – how Andy eventually becomes reconciled and reunited with his family – I’ll leave you to find out. I really enjoyed the book and after about a third of the way through, it became un-put-downable. What I found a little disappointing is that the people who committed the crimes are never caught – in fact we don’t hear any more about them after Andy is charged and sent to trial.  This is Clive Maddison’s first full length novel. I imagine we will see more from him in the future.

Thanks, Craig

A few weeks ago I mentioned hearing an interview on Radio 4 with Craig Jurisevic, whose book Blood on My Hands describes his work as a doctor during the Balkan conflict in the 1990s. At the moment this book is not available in the UK, but I have since received an email from Craig telling me that it will be released internationally in March next year through Ingram Publishing and that he will be doing a book tour in the UK, USA and Europe. Many thanks, Craig, for letting me know. I’ll look forward to seeing the book when it is released in the UK.

The cover illustration, by the way, is from the Australian edition, published by Wild Dingo Press

Libraries – a slight rethink

I ranted on about Nottinghamshire County library cuts last week and since then I have been told that there is a slight improvement to the proposals, which are very likely to take effect in March next year. Apparently what are classed as large libraries (Mansfield, Sutton-in-Ashfield etc) will have a 10% cut in opening hours rather than a 20% cut. This is of no comfort at all to anyone living in the suburbs or in more rural areas, where the small libraries (Ladybrook, Skegby, Huthwaite etc) will only open for between 8 and 10 hours per week, standing unused for the rest of the time.

Meanwhile I have found a report that Essex County Council are considering merging some police and fire stations with libraries. (The mind boggles!) Is this suggestion crazy or a sensible way forward?


  1. Thank you for the time you have taken to do a review on my book, ‘Caught’. I thought your comments were balanced and fair and I am pleased you enjoyed the book. Perhaps I need to do a follow up that plots the path of the unsavoury characters.

    My second novel is just going through the final editing stages before going to the publisher.

    Best regards and once again, thank you.


    • Dear Clive

      Many thanks for getting in touch – I did enjoy reading your book and I look forward to your next novel. It would be nice if you could let me know when it is about to be published, so that I can mention it in my blog and hopefully in the monthly book column I write for the Chad.

      Kind regards

      Bill Purdue

    • PS

      When your new novel is about to be published , please let me know by contacting me at



  2. Hi Bill,

    My new book has just been published. I sent an email, but wasn’t sure if you got it. If you would like a review copy please let me know.



  3. Hi Bill,

    Sent an email, but I don’t know if you got it. I just need a mailing address to send you my new novel.

    Best regards


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