Posted by: billpurdue | August 24, 2010

Normal service will be resumed…..

Many apologies for the lack of postings recently – as well as being on holiday, I’ve had internet problems which meant that I have been offline for some time. I’ve only just got back online and I will resume postings in September.

I am planning a few changes to the blog from next month, but these are not big changes. Each week, I’m going to be looking out for what’s to come in both popular fiction and non-fiction , seeking out new local books (ie.Nottinghamshire , Derbyshire and occasionally further afield) and reminding you of some of the titles you may have missed. I will still be in search of what I call “forgotten gems”, of which I have found only one or two so far, but I’m hoping to unearth a few more.

My monthly column in the “What’s On” section of the Chad continues, so do buy a copy if you live in the Chad area. These columns are not regurgitations of the stuff in the blog; most are on a specific theme along with a local book of the month.

So, watch this space in September!

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