Posted by: billpurdue | February 25, 2010

88 TV Book Club and Warsop War Memorial

A little more about the Channel 4 “TV Book Club”, which I didn’t express great enthusiasm for when I wrote about it a few postings ago. Well, I’ve picked up a booklet about the Club from my local library. As well as a few paragraphs on each of the books selected for the current series, it also has question and answer features about each of the presenters in the programme. The thing they all have in common is that they are not professional book reviewers, though some of them have written books themselves.

I was least impressed by Gok Wan whose answers to the questions were, well, brief! In answer to the question “Are there any books that you think should be made into a film/TV programme? , he says “Vogue magazine, darling!”(dear, dear!). Jo Brand was more to my liking, especially her answer to the question about the pleasures of reading. She says “When you have a good book, there’s a little private world waiting just for you when you come back to it each time” I would certainly go along with that.

So, if you’d like one of these booklets, get down to your local library, but hurry: there are probably not many copies about as the full colour booklet must have cost quite a bit to produce- even with sponsorship from Specsavers – so there are probably not that many copies around. There’s always the website of course.

In one of the hot topics listed on the website there is the subject “How to talk like a local” This turns out to be the title of a new book by Susie Dent [Random House £12.99 978-1905211791 to be published on March 4th] . It looks at the regional words  which you and I might use everyday, but which might not be understood by someone from the other end of the country, or in some cases from the next county. I wonder if it’s got the word “nesh” or the expression “on the dog shelf”. I will watch out for it in the bookshops next month.

Film Tie-in

The film “The Last Station” about the final year in the life of the Russian writer and philosopher Tolstoy and his troubled marriage to wife, Sofia, seems to have had mixed reviews, but the book by Jay Parini [Film tie in ed. Canongate £7.99 978-1847677754]appears to have faired better.  Not having read the book, I can only quote the publisher’s website. Leo Tolstoy has become the world’s most famous author and he is desperate to find some peace away from the glare of publicity and resolves to head into the wilderness, but his health prevents him from going beyond the tiny station of Astapovo. A book worth trying I think.

Warsop and its memorials

A new book has just been published about the soldiers of the First World War commemorated on the Warsop and Warsop Vale war memorials. Distant Deeds: the Contribution of Warsop to the Great War 1914-18, by Tim Priestley, is the result of long and intensive research.

Mr Priestley has been able to find details of almost all the men named on the memorials and has also researched those soldiers who are not commemorated, but who had some connection with Warsop. There are also photographs of some of the soldiers and extracts from press reports of the time.

The book can be obtained from Tim Priestley , tel.  01623 651786 and costs £8, of which £1 will be donated to Help for Heroes. Postage and packing is £1.50, but Mr Priestley says he may be able to deliver locally (please ring first to check).  It can also be ordered from or via Ebay. There will be a special “book launch” at Warsop Library on 24th April.



  1. I’ve seen progression in every post. Your newer posts are simply wonderful compared to your posts in the past. Keep up the good work!

    • Hi

      Many thanks for your kind comments about the blog.

      Bill Purdue

  2. Glad to find someone else who if a TV Book Club fan too. I enjoyed it – although there’s still room for improvement – and look forward to its return in late June

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