Posted by: billpurdue | October 5, 2009

69 Audrey Niffenegger, Douglas Adams and Wonder Woman

Audrey niffenegerMy first author in the spotlight this time is Audrey Niffenegger: when I saw her latest book being promoted in bookshops this week – Her Fearful Symmetry [Jonathan Cape £18.99 978-0224085618],I got slightly worried that I was out of touch as I hadn’t heard of this author before. I think I can be excused for this  – to some extent at least – as Audrey Niffenegger has only one other book to her name – so far- and that was published five years ago..

Her previous/first book The Time Traveler’s Wife [ Vintage £7.99 978-0099464464] is about Clare and Henry who meet when their age difference is 30 years and marry when there is only eight years between them. Puzzled? Well, Henry is a sort of accidental time traveller and never quite knows when he will be off on his travels next. I understand that the main theme for this book is not time travel, but a moving and tragic love story. The book was made into a film released this year, but didn’t have good reviews, which is a shame as it might put people off from reading the book.

Anyway, back to the latest  – Her Fearful Symmetry – , which is about twins Valentina and Julia who have been bequeathed a London flat in the will of an aunt they didn’t know existed. The flat overlooks Highgate Cemetery and the book turns out to be a modern ghost story : their aunt can’t quite seem to leave her flat and there are strange neighbours above and below. Sounds intriguing.. and if you like that, you might be interested to know that Audrey Niffeneger, who originally started out as an artist and book illustrator, is planning another novel for 2010; The Chinchilla Girl in Exile.

Wonder WomanNormally I tend to find business books rather boring – probably because I’ve never been involved in that kind of world. However, I’ve just come across a book that could be the ideal manual for the modern woman trying to make her way in the world of commerce in the face of all that male domination. Remember Wonder Woman ? – the one who, confronted with a dangerous situation, would just give a quick twirl and transform herself into the female equivalent of Superman. The concept never caught on like Superman did, but Wonder Woman hasn’t been forgotten. She’s facing up to all the desperate situations in the life of a modern businesswoman in What would Wonder Woman Do? by by Suzan Colon and Jennifer Traig [Chronicle Books £9.99 978-0811851770]. The problems Wonder Woman will help you solve include how to succeed at a job interview, combat a tyrannical boss or handle an office romance. Yes, Wonder Woman can help in all these difficult situations and more – still dressed of course in red boots and a tiara. A hilarious text (well quite amusing anyway) is coupled with lots of original comic art – a possible Christmas gift for the career girl?


I’ve mentioned Douglas Adams recently – when I wrote about Stephen Fry and Mark Carwardine’s Last Chance to See, but at the time I wasn’t aware that another instalment of The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy was about to appear. Released on October 11th is And Another Thing.. [Michael Joseph £18.99 978-0718155148] by Eoin Colfer and this is part six of the trilogy. Arthur Dent is still there and he’s still searching for that decent cup of tea: he’s back on planet Earth which is about to be blown up – again. Eoin Colfer is perhaps best known for his books for young people, such as his Artemis Fowl  series, so it will be interesting to find out how his writing style for this new book compares to that of Douglas Adams.



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