Posted by: billpurdue | October 4, 2008

25 A special edition (and another good browse)

I want to start this, the 25th posting of my blog, by telling you about a very special book which has just been published at the end of last month.

I haven’t seen the book yet, but I have seen many news reports about the author Adrian Sudbury, who, before his untimely death in August, ran a vigorous campaign on the internet to persuade the government that more should be done to educate school children about bone marrow and other transplants.

Adrian, who was born in Pinxton, was diagnosed with leukaemia in 2006, but it was eventually discovered that he had two distinct types of the disease running alongside each other. Unfortunately the bone marrow transplant didn’t help. There have been many reports about his campaign and his visit to Downing Street was widely publicised. Recently it was announced that the government is going to take action, so his campaign was not in vain. Now the “book of the blog” called Baldy’s Book [Trinity Mirror Sport Media £7.99 9781905266968 ] (which you may find under Baldy’s Blog) has just been published and includes a forward by Gordon Brown. I hope it does well. You can read more about Adrian and his campaign at BBC News or on the Chad website or of course on the blog itself, which still continues, compiled by his colleagues and friends.




I don’t often get the chance, but I love to spend an hour or so browsing around a good bookshop. This week, I visited Waterstone’s in Nottingham. and , as always, I found I was attracted to those tables strategically placed around the shop, weighed down with some of their more popular titles. I’m going to concentrate on animal books this time

Rescuing Sprite: A Dog Lover’s Story of Joy and Anguish [Pocket Books, £6.99 9781847393715 ] by Mark Levin tells of the spaniel mix dog which became part of his family and made firm friends with their other dog, Pepsi, which they had acquired  six years earlier.. But Sprite soon fell ill and his health deteriorated over the next two years. To find out what happened to Sprite, you’ll have to read the book!

In Marley and Me [Hodder £7.99 978-0340922101] by John Grogan, there’s plenty to laugh and cry about. Marley joins John and his wife Jan as a puppy, but soon grows into a big strong dog who, to put it mildly, is not very good at doing what he is told. The book has been around for a couple of years, but is still doing well: it’s been made into a film starring Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson. The release date in the USA is Dec 25th, but I haven’t found a date for the UK. You can see a couple of trailers here.

Corvus: a life with birds by Esther Woolfson [Granta £16.99 9781847080295] is about the author’s life with Chicken, a rook, and her other pet birds. Like the next title, it’s a book that helps the corvid family (crows, magpies, jays etc) with their mainly dark plumage and large beaks, to shed some their mysterious imagery.

Crow Country by Mark Cocker [Vintage, £8.99 9780099485087] is described in the blurb as a prose poem in a long tradition of pastoral writing. After moving to rural Norfolk, the author becomes fascinated by the vast flocks of rooks and jackdaws near his new home and decides to tour the country in search of more.

………and finally to cats! Ernie, a photographer’s memoir by Tony Mendoza [Chronicle Books £8.99 9780811829632 ] is a little book of photographs of one black and white cat. It first appeared in America in 1985. Ernie isn’t able to tell his own story, so Tony Mendoza puts it all into words for him, but it’s the 50 black and white photos that sell the book.

Only just out this week is possibly my favourite of this batch: Devious Book for Cats: cats have nine lives – shouldn’t they be lived to the fullest?  by Fluffy and Bonkers [HarperCollins £10.99 978-0007281237]. The essence of this book is that cats live a lazy life of domesticity, but this is no way for a creature that ruled Egypt to spend his/her life. They should grab” life’s strings with both paws” and regain control of their destiny!

More browsing next time…


  1. Like your postings! Always lots of new stuff.

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